Klein Oak Film Club Makes a Return

Senior Has Many Upcoming Ideas


Camera in hand, subject in focus, film rolling and the journey begins. After months of auditioning and preparing for this moment, the vision is about to come to life; it is about to tell a story. Senior Michelle DeBelen knows this reality; it is a part of her dream.

The film club is likely to make a comeback after years of inactivity with theater and video tech teacher, Mr. Jones as a sponsor and senior Michelle DeBelen as president. The club will consist of writers, directors, actors, and makeup and hair artists with all skill levels, but who have one common goal; to better understand all aspects of film.

“I have always wanted to be a movie director,” junior Rodrigo Torres said. “I hope to learn what the other talented people in the club know like video taking, editing, and writing so that I can be successful in my future film career.”

The primary goal is for the club to be entirely student run even with Mr. Jones as the sponsor. There are upcoming events planned throughout the year to broaden the aspects of the club and to teach the members more about film.

“I want to get permission for the club to attend the Houston Cinema Arts Society’s Film Festival in November,” DeBelen said. “I want to also hold workshops with people from Houston’s film industry to come and teach.”

Auditions for actors and extras will be posted to everyone in the school to get them involved in projects for the club with posters and through the announcements.

“I like how the whole school gets to be a part of these projects,” senior Daniela Avelino said. “I think the ideas for the film club has are something unique to the school.”

The club is official and the informational meeting was held in the Senior Den on October 10. Regular meetings will be held in room 214.

“To me, film is an audio visual way of making people think,” DeBelen said. “I want to encourage anyone in the club that wants to work in film to find internships or jobs and continue learning and improving their craft.”