Klein Oak is home to a variety of student-led clubs and organizations. From Club Couture to Mu Alpha Theta to the Anime Club, several different fields of interest are represented through the groups we have at our school.

For the 2013-2014 school year, H.O.P.E., the Baking Club, the Science-Fiction and Fantasy Club, the Film Critics’Association, the Gay-Straight Alliance, and the Filmmaking Club have all been added to the Klein Oak student body.

“I’m really glad that they’ve finally added a science-fiction club to our school,” sophomore Ashley Elliott said. “I’ve always really liked reading fantasy books, so I’m pretty excited about it.”
School clubs are a way for students to find fellow classmates who share common interests, but they are also a chance to become involved with the school and be able to do that through something the student enjoys.

“We do a lot of in-school activities,” says Filmmaking Club member Inaara Charolia. “It’s also a new club, so I thought it’d be cool to be a member of it the first year.”

When organizations are added to a school for the first time, students have the opportunity to be a part of something which has not been done before. They make school history by being members of the club when it is just starting.

“Clubs are a great way to really become involved in school,” said sophomore Leslie Perez. “It makes you feel not so alone because you know that other people are there who like the same things you like, and that really makes going to school for the next three or four years a much better experience.”