Finally Here: Spring’s New Movie Theater


After years of commuting to movie theaters far from their neighborhoods, students now have the option view movies close to home. The new Cinemark 12 on Kuykendahl is finished.
The construction of the new theater began last fall and was projected to be finished this past July. After setbacks and what seemed to be no progress due to funding, it was opened on September 6.

Having a theater so close in proximity will be convenient to students. With the nearest theaters currently the AMC 24 in the Woodlands and Silverado 19, students will haveĀ  much easier access to movies.

Although it is closer than the other two theaters, it only boasts 12 screens, making it difficult to keep up with the larger 24 and 19 screened theaters.

The concessions at the Cinemark 12 are supposed to resemble that of a cafeteria or buffet. Customers can walk through a line and pick out their drinks, snacks, and other movie essentials then pay at a register at the end.

Along with the cafeteria style concessions, it is also be equipped with seven RealD 3D compatible auditoriums; party rooms for birthdays and other events; enhanced sound systems throughout; and wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling viewing screens.