You Be-lung Here

Classes offered for future health care workers


Riley Pate

In Medical Terminology, junior Isidore Espina makes fake wounds called moulage. In this class, students not only learn vocabulary for the medical field as the course name implies, they also complete hands-on projects to better understand the systems of the body they are learning about in class.

The Health Science classes in the Public Service Pathway are ideal for students interested in a health care career. This course of study breaks down into five career pathways, including Health Care, Pharmacy Technician, Emergency Medical Technician, Health Care Diagnostics, and Medical Science. 

The recommended starting class is Principles of Health Science which introduces students to the fundamentals of healthcare.

“[Students] get an understanding of what healthcare is about,” Health Science teacher Jackie Carver said.

Some of the topics covered include CPR, vital signs, and how to take blood pressure. Students may receive their CPR certification upon the completion of the course. In senior year, students can take Practicum classes where there is more hands-on experience.

“My favorite project so far has been our lab for Health Science Theory where we practiced turning and wheelchair use as well as using gait belts/transfer belts,” said student Eman Khawaja.