Klein Oak DoSomething Club

Student volunteers lead way to future scholarships

Oak has recently opened up a new club called KO DoSomething Club. Sponsored by Mrs. Ann Butts, this club is for students who want to be activists for social issues and help their communities.

“I hope to empower teens in our high school to engage in civic justice and activism,” junior Reem Numan said. “I also want to provide a kind, warm atmosphere for my members so everyone feels respected, heard, and validated. I look forward to educating my peers on issues affecting our world and creating a community of leaders who love each other like family.”

This club is part of a bigger organization called DoSomething, which is a national non-profit volunteer company. DoSomething helps people in many ways like donating clothing and food, collecting cigarette butts for disposal, and registering voters. They even have community activities like book clubs as well as giving out scholarships.

The KOHS club has gained an impressive 49 members since its start in December and hopes to gain more in its February meeting. There is no fee to join and there is a Schoology code in the featured image if you are interested.