Astros in World Series




The Houston Astros are hitting it big this year, making their loyal fans proud. The team started making their moves before the season started by forming the perfect line up. So far, they have won 101 games in their division, taking the lead. This is the best the Astros have performed since 1998, making this year something special and keeping the city on their toes by taking first in their league and advancing to the World Series after beating the Yankees, and now facing the LA Dodgers.

“It has been super exciting to see the Astros finally win the American League division and be one of the better teams through the regular season,” junior Luke McCoy said. “The past years have been pretty rough, but I’ve always supported my Stros. I’m hopeful to see my team win the World Series this year. It would be a dream come true.”

The Astros line up formed by the manager, AJ Hinch, consisted of all the strongest hitters, with not one weak link to disappoint on the defensive side.

“I am loving our solid line up this season, we are totally unstoppable,” senior Morgan Hanes said. “With that being said, Evan Gattis is my favorite player this year. I love seeing him behind the plate, taking initiative and calling the pitches. No matter what happens at the end of the World Series, I’m going to be happy with my boys performance.”


The Houston Astros play the LA Dodgers starting off in California for a seven-series match. The game starts at 7:10 central and will be streamed live on Fox News. Half of the games are split up between ball parks so that each team has affair advantage. The Astros will head back to Minute Maid for games three through five, October 27-29. If needed, the reaming two games will be played LA to fishing up the series.

“I can’t believe this is actually happening,” freshman Alex Wright said. “I will definitely be watching every second of every game. This is such a bid deal and I’m nervous but pumped to see how we will play.”