On The Line

Cross Country makes its first appearance during steeplechase race


Valerie Rodriquez

Running over the steeplechase hay bales, Varsity runner and junior Jazmine McBride is neck-and-neck in the final straight of the race competing against Cinco Ranch.

Cross Country has officially started running towards its season streak of breaking records. The team debuted in the first meet at Burroughs Park hosting the 3-kilometer Steeplechase Meet. The Steeplechase event consists of obstacle courses runners must leap over that include barriers with small pools of water. Unlike the typical steeplechase course on a track, the Klein Oak team created their own version of Cross Country steeple course using hay bales for hurdles with custom water pits. 

“Going into the meet, the expectation was to go all out and for the runners to race with their teammates and have a good time,” Coach Shock said. “It’s still the beginning of the season and the main objective was not looking at the times but more to see where our runners would place.” 

Previously, the terrain of Cross Country meets were more pretentious, including steep inclines, rolling hills, and narrow passages through the woods. Now, most meets consist of flat grass around school properties; this lack of a genuinely challenging course is what inspired Shock to bring back the traditional Cross Country course. 

With that, the Cross Country team brings an outstanding amount of determination to prepare themselves for these races. Facing many challenges during their season, the runners train year-round toward their goals. 

“I was excited to run on our home turf and get to do something new having the steeples. I wasn’t too nervous about the steeples since I’ve had some experience,” senior varsity runner Lizzee Winkler said. “Being positive, I hope I will carry throughout the season being successful, memorable, and fun for my season year.” 

While it is still early in the season, all runners are focused on working to achieve their team and individual goals.