Scholarships Be’aware’

Money to be awarded for outstanding work


Rachel Hartmann

Scholarships will help students get financial assistance for college.

Scholarships are helping students every year get free money from organizations and foundations. These scholarships help students fund their way through the next four years of college.  Jennifer Shock, the scholarship counselor, will be able to help with any questions students have through the email [email protected].

Panther Press: Where can students find scholarships? 

Shock: The best place for students to find scholarship opportunities is on the Klein Oak Scholarship Newsletter. This can be found at: On this site, students will see a list of local and large national scholarship opportunities, as well as website links to search for additional opportunities.


Panther Press: How can applying to scholarships help a student out? 

Shock: Scholarships are free money (money that does not have to be paid back like a loan) to help decrease the cost of tuition. College can be pretty expensive, so any additional financial aid opportunities can help.


Panther Press: What is SMORE?

Shock: SMORE is an online platform that the counseling department uses to provide information to students, staff and parents. The scholarship newsletter was actually created using SMORE. This platform is very helpful as it allows us to upload documents, link websites and post graphics to help get information out to Klein Oak. Students and parents are able to access this information on the counseling website on the main Klein Oak page.