Design With a Smile

Interior design courses welcome creative students


Dani Strebel

Senior Zoriah Christie paints her pumpkin for the design competition. Every year students in Interior Design decorate pumpkins for a Halloween design contest in order to delve into color schemes, product texture, and application of creative vision.

Modern House Design. Vacation Resort Decorating. Furniture Refurbishing. Future designers have several creative class options available to them while earning a Business and Industry Endorsement.

One program available for students striving for creative freedom is Interior Design. It offers three different levels for students to attend.

Through the interior design classes, students will be able to work on hands-on projects, improve their design skills, and prepare for future work in this field. Students will get the chance to design residential housing and commercial buildings. Participating in these classes helps students become well-rounded people and gives them an outlook for their future with a creative edge.

“It teaches me more than enough about interior design and I feel prepared to pursue a career in interior design,” senior Alexis Browne said.

After completing the second year in the course, the student will have the opportunity to receive a Chief Architect Certified Apprentice certification. This coveted certification allows employers to trust the knowledge and skills base of the student is at the highest level in areas of housing architecture and aesthetic design. 

“Chief Architect skills are developed further as well as skills necessary to work in the industry,” interior design teacher Lori Groves said, “Students will learn the skills to work in the business industry, problem solve, develop creativity, design on a personal level and meet friends.”

Groves added that any student that is in the third-year class will also receive advanced grade points which can benefit the student by helping them achieve a higher GPA.