Improvise, Adapt, Overcome

Athletes adjust workouts to the new normal


Daniel Alvarez

On the last day of school before spring break which ultimately turned into the last day of classes on campus, football players like junior Nathan Grychka were maxing out in the weight room. Spring sports ended almost as soon as they started and football’s spring game was cancelled.

The clanking of weights and the squeak of athletic shoes on the court have all gone silent. No more words of encouragement from teammates are heard. Many struggle in silence. The gyms and the fields no longer share a brotherhood or sisterhood of high school athletes as spring seasons were cut short and the start up of next fall’s sports are up in the air.

To a non-athlete, the closing of these facilities and fields is not something to worry about. However, for a student athlete, closing the school changes the whole dynamic of how they get a proper workout.

Since Texas students will not be going back to school buildings this year, the time has come for athletes to overcome this adversity and change their normal routines so they can compete for championships next year.

“Our workouts are posted by our strength coach on an app call Rack Performance,” junior football player Austin Domino said. “He gives us workouts every week and it is up to us to complete them. If we want to compete for state next year, we will need to be doing everything we can with what we have.”

One thing that seems to be helping athletes and their coaches through the times is their cell phones. Coaches send workouts to their players across multiple apps to try and get their players to make sure they’re in the best shape possible for their 2020-2021 seasons.

This new regiment seems to be the new normal for not only football but for baseball, basketball, golf, softball, and loads of other sports have taken many of the same precautionary measures to ensure the health of their athletes.

“The coaches have told us to push ourselves during this time. They’ve sent out workout programs if you don’t have weights and told us to video ourselves working out and send it to them if we can,” junior baseball player Colin Lovelace said.

While the Coronavirus continues to ravage the United States, Klein Oak athletes and their respective programs have acted quickly to make sure their athletes are continuing to push themselves through the hardships to be as prepared as possible for the following seasons.