Off The Rails

Train Brings Risk To School Zone.

Students who walk or drive to school that live on the other side of the train tracks experience issues with getting to class on time and safely.

I think the train that runs through in the mornings hinders punctuality and is a dangerous, life-threatening obstacle.

There’s nothing worse when I’m rushing out the door just to hear the grumbling of a train and pull up to a sea of cars that are at a complete stop watching carts chug by. As the seconds turn into minutes, I start to panic as the thought of being counted tardy for first period once again pops into my worried brain. Since students only have three chances to be late to a class in one week before after school detention is given,  I have never received detention and I refuse to be punished due to the train.

Another point: the students who walk to school are in the position of  immense danger when crossing the tracks. I always see groups formed just feet away from the railroad as the hefty train moves by, then they weave their way through the back up traffic. Some who are in a rush try to cross the path before the train approaches without even thinking of the possible tragic outcomes.

The administration or parents might suggest leaving to school earlier to beat the train to solve these problems; therefore, the worries of tardiness and issues with safety could possibly be avoided. However, students like myself do not know the schedule of the train in order to know when to leave their houses or on what days out of the school week to prepare to do so. To help minimize the safety issues as well, I think there should be lessons over what precautions to take when there is the presence of a train. It would be a smart idea to reach out to the railroads asking for a schedule, or better yet, have them adjust their schedule around the safety of kids. Street drivers have to follow strict laws during school zones, like reducing speed, to accommodate walkers so the trains should too.

Coming to school in the mornings should not be a worry, but because of the lack of knowledge over the schedule and safety what precautions to take, the train puts timeliness and peoples’ well-being in danger and should be addressed before tragedy occurs.