Stranger Things Review

The past few weeks everyone has been taking about the Netflix original, “Stranger Things.” Many of those who have not seen the show yet are starting to wonder if it is really worth all the attention it is getting, while others have been counting down the days until they can binge watch every single episode.

I believe it is completely worth the hype that the show is receiving, and that it is one of the best shows Netflix has produced.

This show is one of the best Netflix originals because of the cast. They not only have well known stars, such as Winona Ryder, but they have also introduced many new actors. The main characters are between the ages of 13 and 16, making the show more relatable and more enjoyable to watch. The actors are also very mature for their age, and play these character like they are as real as they are.

Another reason Stranger Things is an amazing show to watch is the fact that is has a creepy factor, but isn’t scary. There are a lot of programs out there you have to watch with all the lights on and you feel something watching you when you fall asleep. That’s where this show is different. Yes, it is creepy and has jumpy moments, but it is not something to be afraid of. Images of Demogorgon’s, or weird alien dogs, may just gross viewers our occasionally.

Stranger Things is also a good choice because it can easily take your mind off anything. The plot of the show can get confusing if you aren’t giving it all your attention. So, if you find yourself upset, or in a stressful situation, you can just turn on stranger things, and you get pulled into their world and their issues, no longer having time to think about yours.

Although many may not like this show because it’s a Netflix original and has the negative stigmatism surrounding it because of the young, inexperienced acting, the acting and the cinematography is better than most shows offered by cable T.V. The special effects used in the show are realistic rather than obviously animated leading it to be one of the greatest T.V. shows.

In conclusion Stanger Things is worth all the attention it has been receiving. Many people, including myself, are excited to see where this show goes, or if Hawkins will ever be safe from the upside down.