The Price of Prom

Just last year, families spent an average of $807 on prom. This includes amenities such as formal wear, hair, makeup, shoes and even transportation. USA Today has estimated that the cost of prom will rise to an average of $1,078 this year. Some families, however, have taken a different route, finding options that allow them to stick to a budget and avoid extravagant costs.

During the prom season, it’s important to keep to a strict budget. That being said, there are many options for those who want to dress the best without going broke.

One way to spend less on prom is shop in the right places. Some dress stores, such as Couture House, have the option of renting a prom dress for as under $200 including alterations instead of buying a dress for upwards of $500 and having to take it in. This is a great option for those who want a great fitting dress for less.

Another way to spend less on prom is to spend less on the “promposal”. Recently, asking a date to prom has risen to nearly the same level as actually proposing. People make posters, buy gifts, and even travel to extravagant destinations to ask someone to the dance. Chances are, your date will be perfectly happy with whatever you do to make them feel special. Asking them to the dance should be special, but it shouldn’t break the bank.

Pitching in for transportation can be beneficial to an entire prom group. For example, if the group is really steadfast wanting a limo, everyone in the group can pool their money, making the trip less expensive overall. Also, carpooling is a great way to save gas and have fun with the entire group before the dance.

The dinner aspect of prom is important for groups wanting to spend time together before the dance. However, making a reservation at a restaurant can be expensive and create a long wait time for the group. A better option would be to arrange a potluck or have food catered to a group member’s house. This would allow friends to chip in money to buy food or being a variety of delicacies. Not only do these option save money, but they create a more casual atmosphere before prom and prevent the after dinner rush to the dance.

Some may argue that prom is worth the expenses, but why spend so much when you can have the same experience for less? Prom should be a fun experience, whether you spend $100 or $1000. The focus should be having fun with friends, not the price tag.