School on Saturday

Klein Oak rolls out new tardy policy.


Joanie Gill

Beginning Fall 2019, Klein Oak introduces Saturday School as a possible consequence for tardiness to class.

The new tardy policy just announced Aug. 21, has drawn the attention of all students in a seemingly negative light. The students’ main frustrations of the new schedule is directed toward the new topic of Saturday School. 


This extra discipline will be given to students after their fourth tardy or after two tardies to the same class in one week, each weekly cycle beginning Wednesday and restarting Thursday.


This is the biggest step the administration has taken to control the “number one problem” according to Assistant Principal Eric Lammers. 


The focus of the administration is looking to be to delete the amount of class time a student misses while in ISS. 


“It seemed like kids were missing a lot of class time while in ISS,” Mr. Lammers said “The administrators and I want to give students as much time as possible in class, so by giving students Saturday School we can make sure students can maximize the amount of time they spend in the classroom,”


This is the third consecutive year the administration has changed it’s tardy policy. Admittedly, the administration is trying to find the best solution to fix the problem, even if it is a controversial one. 


“It seems that no matter what disciplinary action we use the cycle of students repeatedly being late to class does not stop. So, we’re hoping Saturday School can fix the school’s tardiness situation,” Mr. Lammers said. 


Mr. Lammers hope is that this new policy will teach students punctual. But, even the goal of getting every single student at Oak seems far fetched, even to the students. 


“I don’t like the new tardy policy,” junior Andrew Altman said “Saturday School won’t help anyone or make people not be tardy to class. I think students will skip Saturday School because many don’t care about the repercussions that come along with skipping”


In addition to the divisive topic of Saturday School, the discussion of teachers holding their kids pass the bell to finish their lectures has become a popular piece of dialogue. 


“The policy is frustrating to me because many of my teachers do not adhere to the bell schedule, mainly since many of my classes are far away from each other. If this keeps up, I could easily get Saturday School,” junior William McCrory said. 


But, to many other students, the change of the tardy policy seems to be insignificant.


“I don’t care about the new tardy policy. I’m usually always on time to class so it doesn’t affect me,” sophomore Abby Beirne said. 


This new policy given by the administration is here to stay, even with all the backlash given by the students. Only time will tell if the schedule is a huge success or just another flop.