Guts and Gore

Health Science class ‘digs in’ to learning about skin


Kailey Sledge

Waiting for his partner, junior Jordan Moore, to complete her would masterpiece, junior Donovan Scofield holds still.

No. It’s not a war zone. It’s not a horrific wreck. It’s Medical Terminology class.

In order work with skin textures, teacher Catherine Lawrence presented a gory lesson on Halloween for her students.

“I do this activity to teach about the different types of wounds and burns and how they affect our bodies,” Lawrence said.

Some basic ingredients made for some gruesome “wounds”.

“We use Vasoline, coco powder, toilet paper and fake vampire blood to create some pretty amazing things,” she said.

With this knowledge, students are able to work with matter that is similar to that of skin to see how it moves when stressed and blood-filled.

Kailey Sledge
Medical Terminology student, sophomore Rahina Mohammed, shows the wound her group made with just a few household supplies and vampire blood from the Halloween store.