Dancing into Competition Season

As football season ends, the Strutters season is getting into full gear. With countless hours of practicing to perfect routines to help make them National Champions.

Every day after school the Strutters spend two hours practicing. They spend about 20 minutes warming up and the rest of practice learning new dances. They are either critiqued by Stutter

Officers or Mrs. Polansky.

“A normal practice is warming up in our company lines, we stretch and sometimes do cardio,” freshman Gabriela Solis said. “We’re always learning new dances and sometimes we work in groups to get a different mindset.”

During competition season, the Strutters have practice Monday through Saturday for about 2 hours. They do this from January to March to perfect all the dances. Their first set of competitions are at Klein Cain and Klein Forrest.

“It’s very exciting being an officer and getting to see all the girls grow up into better dancers, especially through competition season,” senior Anna Loosley said.

Strutters started learning their contest pieces back in fall while football season was still going on. Now that it is contest season they are well on their way and only have a few more things to perfect. If they advance all the way to Nationals, that competition will be held in Fort Worth where they will compete with the best of the best.

“The biggest skill they can achieve is to learn to dance as one; as if they have one heart beat,” Stutter director Shelby Polansky said. “Being “all in” is not just a hashtag…it is a physical action and emotional sacrifice they make for their team. A team that shares the same passion is my ultimate hope and goal for them.”