Let it Reign

King and Queen announced at HC halftime

As the long-awaited homecoming game stops for halftime, the crowd listens and watches as the court is being announced. The mob of students and parents become silent and they wait as each person gets introduced. 

“When I was out on the field, I had a mix of emotions and wasn’t sure how to feel. In front of so many people I was very nervous but glad to have the opportunity to win homecoming king,” senior Justin Wilt said. “When my name was called the feeling was like no other I had ever experienced. The roar from the crowd and the smile on my parents’ face gave me the best experience I could’ve ever asked for and I was so grateful for the opportunity.”

After the king came the crowning of the queen. More silence followed as the names of girls were declared.  

“Walking out on the field, I was so happy to be with my parents and for the support of my family and friends. The whole experience was so surreal and I cannot be more grateful,” senior Kailyn Nonhof said. “I was so excited for this unique experience and was overwhelmed with thankfulness when I heard my name called.” 

The king and queen were later photographed and walked off the field. With such an amazing opportunity the students had they were both grateful to be given the chance to make a memory that will last forever.