Culture Kickback

Asian Culture Club invites all to join


The Asian Culture Club has posted an informational meeting flyer throughout the school or find out more through their Instagram @asiancultureko.

From the importance of Autumn Festival to the celebration of Lunar New Year, anyone interested in learning about the different cultures of Asia or meeting new people with the same interests should consider joining the Asian Culture Club. 

“Our goal is to not seclude those who are not Asian from the Club; it’s to offer insight and awareness about our lives so that we can understand each other more kind-heartedly,” President Grace Luu said. “This also means that, just because you aren’t Asian, it doesn’t mean you can’t join! Having all sorts of different cultures and people within the club helps make it so much.”

The club is open to anyone of any ethnicity or background. It is not just limited to people of the Asian community. 

“I actually only joined this year. I didn’t think I would be able to be involved so much, so quickly, but I think that just goes to show that it’s never too late to join,” Historian and Publicist Josiah Brown said. “The point of this club is to learn so there’s no need for experience as a member, as long as one comes willing to learn.”

This community is open to accepting anyone who wants to learn and educate themselves and have fun while they’re at it. Presentations will be shown discussing many traditions, foods, and more at every meeting.

“Asian Culture Club provided the opportunity for me to meet others who looked like me as well as discovering new cultures [and] food,” Secretary Elijah Guerrero said. “Asian Culture Club to me is a community where anyone, no matter their background, can share their common bond of their love and interest towards Asia.”

The first meeting will be held Thurs., Sept. 23 after school in Tiffany Dzubin’s room 232. However, if students miss that date, doesn’t work all are welcome to join in the future meetings every third Thursday of the month.