Appreciate the Floor

New class offers students a historical look at dance

You walk into a party, everyone is on the dance floor. It’s your time to shine and show off your moves. You rock the place and everyone knows your name. Unfortunately, this isn’t a normal instance for someone, but at Klein Oak dance is about to be appreciated like it never has before.

Dancing is not an activity for everyone. However, dance appreciation may be on some left-footers schedules next semester. Dual credit students now have the opportunity to take a class learning about the history and importance of dance.

Dance instructor Fayla Curry said she is excited to teach and embrace students into the culture of dance From teaching beginners how to tap their toes, to helping advanced break dancers break the floor, she now gets to help equip and inform students about her passion for dance.

“This is a big deal. Not many schools in the state get a class like this,” Curry said.

Curry believes that teaching this class will be similar to her IB class. Though, she has shown to be resourceful in being able to teach anything, even during a pandemic.

Pre-recorded videos have been extremely helpful to students in and out of the classroom. Curry has even been able to use her resources and get master classes from some of the best in the Houston area to help teach advanced students.

Tap, along with ballet, has been taught via Zoom to help perfect the moves of these students so a greater variety of dance styles can be offered soon.

Attendance in the studio is low, only getting about half of the class in person. With the great use of technology, she has been able to help guide her students through live video and communication.

With a microphone strapped around her ear, she likes to think of herself as Britney Spears, providing help to students both in-person and online to reach their full potential

We may get to see some awesome moves throughout the year from the OBK, oak breakdance crew, and some eloquent ballet from the advanced students. Now we get the opportunity to see what the culture of dance has to offer with this new dance appreciation class.

“It is a great way to get involved with dance if you are interested but don’t know much about dance itself,” junior Marybeth Shore said. “I am excited to see the inspiration it can give kids who want to expand their knowledge of dance in a positive way.”