Pandemic promotes interest in medical field

Future doctors, nurses enroll in classes to build knowledge


Kailey Sledge

Students in medical classes learn how to triage and identify different medical encounters.

We need a nurse, stat! With the importance of the health care industry being recognized across the globe, students may choose to investigate those classes to determine if that is a plan for their futures.

The Certified Nursing classes offer students the opportunity to get into the job environment and help where needed while finding out if that is their chosen career path.

Students who have taken the prerequisite classes Principles of Health Science and Medical Terminology may sign up to take CNA.

During the year, students learn about many different skills in the class and out of class at an off-campus clinic for hands-on learning.

“Most of the students that are in the Health Clinical Science course are interested in becoming a medical doctor or nurse, so by introducing this information, they are familiar with it once they began their medical career,” Health Clinical Science Teacher Ester Walls said.  

Being involved in this program, students can be involved in areas such as the burn unit in which students learn how to treat and tell the difference between burn types and other areas of expertise in the medical field.