Going Solo


Scatterlight Photos, Priscilla Shontz

Senior Jonathan Machado prepares to perform for the judges at Solo & Ensemble.

Months of hard work and practicing will be put to the test during Solo and Ensemble competition for members of the Klein Oak Band & Orchestra. Students will be competing on Feb. 22 for orchestra members and Feb. 8 for band members.

“I’m really excited and I have been working really hard, so I just want to show people what I can do. We practice a lot during panther den, after school, during lessons, and I play for my teachers after school, and have them critique me,” sophomore Isabella Pettit said. 

If a musician receives an excellent at the Solo and Ensemble you receive a medal, and points toward earning your letterman jacket. Many students make it their goal to earn an excellent in order to receive these rewards. 

The students have spent a lot of time on this music for a single 10 minute showcase of their talent, so they hope to perform well. It can be very nerve wracking to play in front of a judge, so sometimes the jitters get the best of the musicians.

“Sometimes you get nervous, and mess up,” Pettit said. 

It is all part of the process, so band and orchestra members should go into Solo and Ensemble feeling confident, and ready to do their best to showcase musical skill!