Semester Exam Exemption Policy Change


Klein ISD

Are you exempt? Check this list

The schedule and policy for the upcoming fall semester exams have been tweaked once again. Oak will now have three early release days, with exams starting on Tuesday, Dec. 17.

Students in semester classes now have the chance to be exempt from their semester, following the same guidelines as the spring semester finals.

Exemption Qualifications:

  • 3 or fewer absences for the semester in the course
  • If students have 3 absences, they will need to be present for the class period. If they miss the class period, they could receive a 0 for the exam.
  • If the student has less than 3 absences, they do not have to attend that class period
  • Have an 80 semester average for the course
  • No ISS/OSS/DAEP assignments during the year
  • Cleared financial holds
  • Cannot have a P or U for citizenship grade

“I think that [the exam exemption] is going to help me because I am taking a semester class,” junior Victoria Koptelova said. “And I have a bunch of other super hard classes to study and prepare for.”

This new policy gives students more time to focus on other major subjects’ fall exams.