Safety Tips For Halloween

With candy, costumes and scary flicks, Halloween is a thrilling time. Whether you’ll be at a festive party or out with younger siblings, taking the precautions listed can prevent your night from turning into a real nightmare.

  1. Pedestrian accidents are the most common injuries to children on Halloween, be sure to follow traffic signals and look both ways before crossing a street.
  2. If a friend is driving, make sure they’re alert.
  3. Keep your phone on you at all times.
  4. Travel in familiar and well-lit areas, or at least map out a route.
  5. Make sure your costume is functional. It shouldn’t be hard to maneuver or escape a crowd if things get out of hand.
  6. Wear non-toxic make up and wash off before ending the night.
  7. Be cautious of spoiled or suspicious looking treats or food.
  8. STAY DRY!