Playoffs n’ Mohawks

Varsity players around the school can be spotted with newly shaved heads that sported mohawks only days before the final game for the Area Title. Even Dravon Espinoza, with short bright tufts remaining atop his head long after the final game lost to Cedar Ridge, shaved the hairdo to commemorate the end of a memorable season.

Varsity games and mohawks came to an end this past season as the last game of the playoffs was lost on Nov. 24th.

“I feel like we were a better team than how we did,” varsity player Alex Pedraza said. “I feel like we could’ve done a lot better if we’d put our minds to it.”

Despite the loss, this past season was regarded as a tough but meaningful one for the team.

“We had a lot going on, but the coaches prepared us the right way,” varsity player John Bolding said. “I learned a lot of stuff.”

As per tradition, players started getting haircuts regardless of hair length as a symbol of spirit throughout the playoffs. From the first round of play-offs in early November until the final game, players rocked variations of mohawks before shaving them off.

“Whatever hair you have, you just cut it into a mohawk,” varsity player Dravon Espinoza said. “You can have long or short hair, as long as you have a mohawk. We’re supposed to have it until the end of the playoffs or until we win the entire thing, but after the loss, a lot of people cut it.”

Coaches had upped the tempo in practice and training to push players to their peak performance this season.

“It was tough love,” Pedraza said. “It wasn’t all great, but without it we wouldn’t have gone far.”

The Mohawk tradition will continue for next year, when they hope to win. Until then, players will be prepping for the next season or other sports.

“We’re done, we’re out of the playoffs.” Bolding said. “Upperclassmen are getting ready to cover for the seniors, and the seniors are getting ready for college and to finish their education.”