There’s a lot to Liz Scott


Everyone loves to be rewarded for all their hard work. Liz Scott was nominated as Preseason High School Basketball Player of the Year by Vype and here is why that’s a big deal.

Liz Scott was nominated along with 25 other players from around the state. The only players that were nominated were the top ones in the state. Being consider one of the best is an honor to say the least. Scott was shocked when she found out that she was considered one of the best. Playing her heart out every game and working so hard to achieve her own personal goals along with helping the team to achieve theirs. Along with the team’s goals, Liz, has a few of her own to accomplish. Liz is always playing Basketball. She is a part of a travel team up in San Antonio and on the weekends, she drives up to go practice or attend games. Liz is very dedicated to getting better.

“I started playing basketball at the age of five because I was tall and completely fell in love with it,” Liz Scott said. “I plan on pursuing it through my entire life. My personal goal this year is to make district MVP.” Scott was shocked when she found out that she was considered one of the best.

With the season just beginning, Liz Scott and the rest of the team are planning on advancing to State this year. At the age of five years old, her dad introduced the sport to her. She immediately fell in love with it and has been playing ever since.  Liz believes that the only way to win a game is teamwork, that is what the year is focused around.

“It’s a blessing playing with Liz. We’ve been playing together for over 6 years. I can truly say that we have a bond that cannot be broken and she can play some ball” Varsity player, Brooke Cephus said.

Being a team player is super important. Playing a game such a Basketball where you rely on other people to help you achieve your goals, they must be able to get along with everyone and form bonds. With a hard season coming up, it’s time for the girls to buckle down and bring home a State title.

“Liz gets along with everyone, she is such a hard worker and is very dedicated to the game,” said Varsity Coach, Mrs. Bendick. “It’s not very often to come across a group of girls that get along so easily and can still accomplish their goals.”