Captains of the Teams

Every team needs a leader. But just how important are team captains to a high school sporting team and what’s it like taking on such an important role?

The football, Volleyball, and Cross County teams are in full swing in their season during this time of year. Each organization coaches are working hard to motivate their athletes. But they can’t do it alone, Team captains are chosen to help give the team an extra push, having someone to look up to. Although, there are certain qualities coaches look for in students

“We like to honor the people who have been at practice every day,” said Coach Westmoreland. “We look for the athletes who have focused and worked hard.”

The Varsity Volleyball team has a total of three captains for different positions. Being one of the leaders on the team comes with a specific task. Not only are they expected to carry the team, but they are the ones who make the decision of how the order of each set starts from the coin toss.

“Captains do have more jobs to take on and always have to be on board with the coach and the team,” said Varsity player, Adel Gage. “Were the medium man for making sure everything goes smoothly. I have always been hard on myself as a setter and captain. I hold myself accountable for almost everything that happens on the court.”

Team captains have to work just as hard as any other teammate would. In the mornings before school you might see a pack of students on campus running at a fast pace. That is the cross-country team putting in work before the school day begins. It takes serious motivation and a lot of it comes from the team captain who never gets tired of running.

“Being a captain to me is no different than being a member of the team, I have to put just as much effort in as everyone else during practices. For me it just means setting the example for the team and the younger guys, says runner, Josh Lafleur. “It’s just a title that comes with a little more responsibility.”