More Than Meets the Racket

A tennis ball bounces back and forth across the court until a player misses the little green ball by just a hair. The racket swings through the open air between the player and the ball, so fast it creates sound. This is the daily lifestyle for the tennis team during their after-school practices.

Klein Oak is not only one of the most academic schools, but we are also known to excel in sports. One of the many sports offered at Klein Oak is Tennis. The tennis season doesn’t officially start until Spring, but they start training as soon as school starts.

Tennis is more than just a sport, it helps one to develop better hand-eye coordination and teaches players how to act quick on their feet.

“Tennis is a mind game just as much as a physical, having a positive attitude and determined mind can help you win the game along with skill,” Veteran player, Carolina Vargas said.

Coach McLaughlin is one of the coaches for the Tennis team. She has only been working at Klein Oak for a few years but continues to impact and guide the tennis team to victory.

“I’ve always been really invested in everything I do so I’m so excited for what this team has in store for the upcoming seasons,” McLaughlin said. “It’s such a great environment to bond and create relationships, so our teams are always a super close net.”

Not only is Tennis a fun game to watch from the sidelines but  for the players it also helps with bonding and making long lasting friendships.

“I love being able to work together with my teammates,” Team member, Kaitlyn Le said. “You can play tennis with another person as your double partner, and you always have a team with you to cheer you on.”