Sprinting Into Season


They sprint, pace, throw, jump, and pole vault. The athletes are dedicated to their sport spending Monday through Saturday training for every meet.

Track and Field season has recently taken off with a JV and Freshmen meet on February 16 and Varsity meet on February 18. To prepare for the meets the athletes meet before and after school for practice.

“It’s hard to get up in the morning”, Maddie Berger, 12th grade varsity runner, said. “But once you start running it begins to wake you up and gets you ready.”

Track and Field is considered the sport that is every other sports punishment. The athletes train six out of seven days of the week. When it comes to race time, nothing can prepare them for what is about to happen out on the track.

“Leave it all on the track”, Andy Rodriguez, 12th grade varsity runner, said. “Do not regret not running your hardest and never finish a race with a lot of energy.”

Running is a mental sport. Athletes will not go out on the track without preparing themselves not just physically but mentally. The sport requires a lot of strength from the whole body.”

“Run with your heart,” Aubrey Linn, 10th grade JV runner, said. “Not your legs. Don’t focus on how badly you’re hurting but how much you want to win and work hard for the gold.”

Though Track and Field takes a lot of work, the athletes look forward to their weekly meets leading up to the district meet.

“It takes a lot of work to get through a week of practice,” Josh Lafleur, 10th grade JV runner, said. “But it is all worth it when you get to the meet and your hard work pays off, and you are able to pass someone in the last one hundred meters.”

The Coaches are looking for runners who will work hard in practice and leave it all out on the track or field. They are looking forward to see how their athletes will do this season.

“We are hoping our athletes will continue to work hard in practice and give it all when it comes to races.” Coach Williams, the girls track and field coach, said.