Storming the Field, Making Strides


The crowd is roaring, and the band is blasting. The only ones focused on executing the next play is the players fixated under the Friday night lights. Whether it’s a good play or not, the players keep working to win.

It’s hard to know what’s going through the players heads down on the field when you’re not one of them. The players work on being healthy and focused throughout the season. Football isn’t only physical sport, it’s a mind driven one.

The football program is a big part of the school for both the students and the players. The football teams get bigger each and every year. This year at six teams: Freshmen Black, Gold, White, Junior Varsity Black and Gold, and Varsity; it can be challenging to find game for the players to play because not every school has that many teams.

“Junior Varsity Gold practices once a week on Mondays, and we rarely do conditioning. I feel they put the responsibility of getting better physically and mentally on us,” junior Varsity Gold player Jacob Davis said. “Other than that, we’ve definitely developed as a group and have become stronger, that’s why we haven’t lost a game since the first once this season.”

Freshman Black team is at four wins and two losses.  Freshman Gold is undefeated with six wins, and Freshman White is at four wins one tie and zero defeats. JV Black has four wins and two losses where JV Gold stands at five wins and one defeat. The varsity team has three wins and two losses.

“Everyone’s very excited about the season,” Head football coach David Smith said. “They take great pride in their hard work, and they have a good attitude about it as long as the work isn’t too hard.”

Expectations are high from the coaches and fans while the players stay determined. Varsity has a good chance for playoffs this year if they keep winning games; as for the rest of the teams are hoping to continue a winning season overall.

“I’m hoping the rest of the season will be wins for the rest of the schools we face because we’ve already played, and beaten some of the hardest teams,” Junior Varsity Black player Larry Watson said. “I’m hoping we just get out on the field and get down to business.”