Bump, Set, Spike!


Lindsey Constantine, Reporter

The beginning of the school year usually starts off with shopping for new clothes, getting your school supplies, and mentally preparing yourself for waking up at 6 am, but in addition to all of that, the school athletes, specifically volleyball, do lots more to prepare for the beginning of the back to school season.

 During school, athletes are put on a set schedule of working out and practicing every day, but in the summer they have to fend for themselves, and if they even slightly procrastinate, they’ll be dead the next time they condition. Throughout the summer, the volleyball players worked out their muscles and even their relationships with each other.

 “This summer, all of the teams went to a University of Houston volleyball camp to get prepared for the season and build relationships with each other as well.” Junior Varsity player Brooke Borden said.

 Towards the end of the summer, the whole volleyball department attended the Houston Astros’ 80’s night baseball game to bond and gain trust in each other to better their communication on the court.

 “Spending all the time we did with each other really helped us when the season finally started.” Junior Varsity player Haley Farmer said. “We were all so comfortable with each other we weren’t afraid to be loud at one another and say what we needed to.”

 When the season finally started and the games started coming every week, everything started moving so fast. The girls really had to get into their schedule of fast paced game days.

 “On game days we always dress out 7th period, set up for short practice, go over our game strategies and tactics, and then we scrimmage.” Borden said.

 By only going to one game, you can tell these girls work wonderfully together and individually. Everyone on the court is always 100% invested in the game.

 “I think some of our biggest strengths as a team is the fact that we never give up no matter how bad we’re down or how much we might have messed up.” Farmer said.

 With many months left in the season, there is much for these girls to be hopeful about in the future of this school year.

 “I look forward to working with my team and playing on a competitive level to make this season an undefeated one.” Borden said.