Cultured Club

Black Student Union offers students safe space to feel at home

To learn more about African American influences in America, look to the Black Student Union. It is a club where Black students can go to get taught and supported by students who share their culture and history.

“The original idea for BSU came to the other founders and I in Coach Prejean’s African American Studies class, where we learned the importance of Black History and decided to create a safe space where everyone else could learn as well,” senior Gabrielle Dillard said.” BSU is a community, a place where I always feel welcomed and uplifted by everyone in the room. Anyone, student, teacher, administrator, can be themselves, and learn not only more about African American history but grow as individuals.”

Students who participate in being a part of the Black Student Union find it to be impactful throughout high school and in their future.

“Coming into Klein Oak, I felt that there wouldn’t be a place where I’d be able to be with people who are just like me and have the same skin and hair as me,” freshman Dylen Vaughan said. ”When I first found out about BSU during fish camp, I made sure to remind myself to join it. I started attending all the meetings and it got to the point where I became the freshman ambassador for the club. I’m so-so-SO glad that I was able to find a club as a first-year student, and after the seniors leave, I plan to try to keep it going with our sponsors and the remaining members for as long as I can.”

The club holds its meeting in room 2003 and has only existed for less than a year. The BSU is continuing to grow and provides a safe place for all African American students to flourish and learn about their traditions and culture.