Suicide Prevention Awareness Month

Help available to those who need it while at school or home


Rachel Hartmann

Since COVID-19’s quarantine, the rate of youth suicide has gone up tremendously making it important to educate others on the dangers of suicidal thoughts. Suicide Prevention Awareness Month (SPAM) brings up the major topic every September to recognize it.

Since 2008, September has been recognized as Suicide Prevention Awareness Month (SPAM) to raise awareness and acknowledge those affected by suicide.

According to the National Alliance of Mental Illness, for 14-year-olds, suicide is the second leading cause of death and the third for those ages 15-18. Annually, almost 19% of people who have passed from suicide are high school students. As reported by the Mayo Clinic, if someone has a noticeable change in appetite, sleep schedule, mood, and has started to isolate themselves, it may be a sign of depression or suicidal thoughts.

“If you are a student who is struggling, definitely reach out to your counselor,” Crisis Counselor Callie Cantrelle said. “If you’re away from campus, there is a national suicide hotline that students can call or text 988.”

If immediate treatment isn’t available, students can still cope with feelings of depression or anxiety. While coping isn’t a way to cure depression or any other mental health matters, these distractions can help in the meantime. Wesbites such as 100 coping skills are available to try out.

“I know some students like to draw, paint, or exercise and it kind of depends on what’s causing the anxiety or what they feel,” Lead Counselor Allison Wallace said. 

Students can also visit the Klein Oak Calming Room to find relaxing music, videos, live animal cams, virtual tours, brain games, and coloring activities. Klein Oak students can also access the Mental Wellness Page made by the counselors where information on anxiety can be found as well as meditation guides.

“It’s kind of a one stop shop for students to go to to utilize different tools,” Wallace said. “So let’s say you’re at school, or not at school, it’s a place you can go to that can give a sense of comfort whether you’re dealing with anxiety, feeling overwhelmed, or something else.”