Houston Happenings

Teens share ideas for weekend activities


Leah Kelley/AP Images

Many Houstonians think picnics are a great way to get outside and spend time with family and friends.

On days with mid-70s temperatures, low humidity and true blue skies, many Houstonians find the perfect way to spend a good-weathered Saturday is to go to a park. Places like Rob Flemming or Burroughs in the Woodlands, or even Miller Outdoor Theater in downtown Houston have spots to spread out a blanket, go biking, or grill up a feast.

“There is a sandy gravel trail next to Rob Fleming Park my friend Carlos and I rode that goes on forever,” senior Carson Pehlman said. “It’s extremely sandy, rocky, and there are bridges. It even rides under Kuykendahl.”

Nearby hiking trails such as George Mitchell or Montgomery Preserve offer an excellent way to clear one’s head and get some exercise in.

“I love to go to lake Georgetown to go backpacking because it has a great climate, it’s not too rocky, and it’s just a great place to hike,” junior Liam Goulden said. “It also has different lengths for hikes so it is a different experience every time.”

If one has money saved, use it to start a unique collection. Many people may collect stamps, coins, or comic books, but other personalized things can be collected as well. For example, if one likes to read, start collecting classic books or plays. Some spots to start are resale stores such as Goodwill or any vintage store.

“On weekends, I love to go shopping to look for collectible transformers. I loved robots my whole life, but collecting the figures is a special thing,” English teacher Anthony Jackson said. “It depends on how I find the piece but overall, it is like a fantastic Easter Egg Hunt. There is a thrill of seeking and finding or stumbling upon something I didn’t even know I wanted.”

Starting a new hobby is a great way to stay busy, weekend or not. A few ideas are journaling, gardening, learning a new language, or writing. 

“I love playing accordion! My favorite types of music to play are Mariachi, Polka, French Musette, Russian Folk, and Pop,” sophomore Sadie Rowan said. “My favorite place to do this is the Houston Balalaika Society Orchestra or street performing. I once made $34 and learned that someone’s uncle named Gary played accordion in a rock band.”