Things That Guys Don’t Know About Girls


Cottonbro from Pexels photos

Women know what they want when they want it. It’s just up to the men to figure it out sometimes.

Women are prided treasures that all men should be grateful to have, especially in a relationship. Of course friendships are ideal as well. However, guys are always lost when interacting with women. Men are in need of much-needed insight to help them navigate the minds of their female counterparts.  

Communication: Women have many skills in communication. They give each other looks and they know exactly what another woman is thinking. They know how to convince someone to do something and how to get out of a situation. Therefore, it is not surprising that women have what I call “the reverse doo da boom.” 

The reverse doo da boom is what a woman does to get their way without saying what they actually want. Guys are aware of the reverse doo da boom but can never understand why a woman just can’t be upfront. When choosing a place for dinner, an Italian restaurant is a great choice, yet they say Chinese is just as great. What is it!? It becomes worse when they ask the guy to make the decision. Clearly, the woman knows what she wants, so why can’t she say she wants Chinese and trash the Italian idea? Alas, they don’t. 

A woman’s way is the best way and in case the guys didn’t know; a woman always gets her way. Even when the lady and the lad are against each other, the lady will always triumph even if the guy is not aware of it. 

Guys struggle to talk with each other, women are on another level of difficulty. Yet at times it seems no matter how smooth a man may be, a woman can always find a way to spot the fault in men. Research has shown that it’s because the male does something that they were not aware was offensive.  

Why they yell at boyfriends: In my experience, when a woman yells, it’s not personal, they are just hungry. Most of the time a guy is doing things right. That is until he asks too many questions. A woman wants peace. And most likely a shopping spree and a meal will give her that peace. 

So, you are not in the wrong for choosing Italian but she uses the reverse doo da boom on you. This is because she wants peace. Yet she won’t get peace because we are not understanding that they are getting their way and that confuses men. 

What to take away from all of this: Men will never truly understand women. We can try hard to read a woman’s mind or try to decipher her body language or facial expressions, but if males just try to be themselves, then maybe they have a chance of becoming sweet enough in her eyes to forgive us for our shortcomings and love us for who we are.