Add a Little Spice


Jake Curl

Being put to the test Jake Curl takes a daring bite of Denny’s pumpkin pecan pancakes not aware of the rough journey his taste buds were going to take. WIth much enthusiasm he ventured to sit at every restaurant and see what fall food was to be offered.

Everyone needs a little spice in life, so why not some pumpkin spice? Autumn has swung around and in the best way, it could. Fall festive foods have invaded the area and brought the hint of seasonal spirit everyone needed. However, not all of these foods are a must-have.

The pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks may be the first drink I have had in a while that has not been overrated. It actually tasted like a pumpkin with spice. It was warm, creamy and, of course, caffeinated— everything a boy would want to start off his fall festivities. I give it a big 9/10.

Next, who can bash pancakes? Well no one except me, because Denny’s pancakes did not meet my standards. Their pumpkin pecan pancakes were nuttier than they were pumpkin. The pancakes were thin and did not explode with flavor in my mouth. They were moist but then dry because of too many pecans. Not even a glass of milk could save me. I give it a not so big 4/10

Now for something legendary. I traveled 50 minutes to Westheimer to get the so-called “best donuts” from Krispy Kreme. Oh, how they were not wrong! I got the pumpkin cake donut and it was accurate to its name. It tasted like soft pumpkin cake in the shape of a donut. Was it worth the 50 minutes? I say no, but to get a dozen for only under 12 dollars? I think yes. The donuts lived up to their name and were probably the best pastry I have ever tasted. I give it a very big 10/10.

All these breakfast items are sweet to my stomach, so I also tried some soup. Panera had autumn squash soup, and it was pleasing to consume. I was scared because it was yellow, but it tasted like a dewy night of Halloween. The only thing I did not like about the squash soup was the pumpkin seeds in it. That took the rating down a little. However, the soup itself was very pleasing to have, and I would recommend it. I give it a big 8/10.

Finally, to finish the ratings of food, I had the fall festive popeyes chicken sandwich. It was literally the same as the winter, spring and summer chicken sandwich which I thought was not very impressive. They were, however, not out of them which is an improvement. Given the fact I can get this all year affects my rating by at least a point. I give it a somewhat big 7/10.

I was able to find foods that entertained my fall spirit, and I hope you all can use this as a gauge to determine what will satisfy your tastebuds too. Happy fall to all my fellow food eaters.