The Club That Gives Back

Panthers Helping People provides relief with services


Kailey Sledge

Emi Velez gives fuzzy socks that she purchased form Kroger. These donations help people who are cancer victims who stay in cold hospitals. Over 300 pairs were collected, exceeding the expectations.

Ready to help with open arms, people line up to join clubs that give back to others. Panthers Helping People, PHP, is an organization of warm-hearted students that help others who are in need of assistance with their humanitarian efforts.

The members of the club create positive impacts on the world through their activities, such as drives, walks and more. Although adults and the media portray this generation as lazy and always on their phones, members of PHP try to prove them wrong.

“The best part about being part of this club is seeing the amazing things these young people do to make this world a better place,” sponsor Mandy Parker said. “Everyone talks about how this generation is entitled, but these kids… that’s the last thing that comes to mind. I don’t worry so much about the future because of my involvement with the amazing kids in this club.”

Members of the club make time for the extra-curricular activities PHP offers. The young scholars make a difference in others’ lives through hard work, determination, and their caring attitude.

“We just did a recent drive for socks and we got 300+ pairs for children who aren’t as privileged as others,” president Hannah Parker said. “I just love how everyone comes together voluntarily for a cause.”

PHP members do many acts of kindness, whether it be donating clothing to keep people warm in the winter or writing whole-hearted letters to retired people to put a smile on their faces.

“In Nov./Dec., we will be making holiday cards to deliver to nursing homes in our area,” Mrs. Parker said.

PHP students have arrived at school early and have stayed late after to successfully complete their philanthropic actions. The club’s hard work and determination has rewarded them with recognition for one of their noble deeds.

“One of the biggest accomplishments was winning second place in a “Youth In Philanthropy” competition,” Hannah said. “This was the first year that PHP existed in its current form. That was a pretty big deal.”

For those interested in lending a hand to others, the PHP club has no deadlines or requirements. A signed form from room 1011 is all that’s needed. Meetings take place before and after school on the first Wednesday of every month, in the same room where the form can be found. Upcoming events for PHP can be heard on the announcements.

“It’s all about making our community amazing for all of us,” Parker said. “I always say that the kids in PHP have the biggest hearts.”