A Bright Blue Light is Not a Good Sight

Popular eye glasses filter harmful wavelengths

Looking at the sun is one of the best things you can do. Frying your retina and going blind is great, right? Absolutely not. Everyone knows that looking at the sun can ruin your eyes but what many aren’t aware of is that our screens in a daily atmosphere are doing just that.

Blue light in scientific terms is one of the shortest wavelengths with the highest energy. Unlike natural light from the sun which produces light with the longest wavelength and lowest energy. This already helps break the ice into why blue light is damaging your eyes. Now, of course, blue light won’t kill you or give you some terminal disease. In fact. blue light is resourceful when needing some extra boost of energy during the day, especially when paired with caffeine. However, just like anything, too much of something can hurt you. So, why not cut back on screen time? Use less of it? That’s absurd to say in our day of technology and of course during the times of COVID. This is why everyone should get a pair of blue light glasses.

These glasses do two things. One, it helps reduce blue light which can affect sleeping patterns and strain your eyes. Two, it significantly boosts your looks to the next level. These glasses will act as an eye saver which in this time all of us could effectively use.

During school, at home or really anywhere you never know when bluelight could hit you hard. Be prepared with the blue light glasses. This isn’t a sponsored commercial but a straight fact.