Fear Washes Over Night Riders


Abbi Wright

As the lines got shorter, workers in costumes entered cars and banged on windows.

The people’s screams could be heard from those who made the mistake of leaving their car doors unlocked in the parking lot of the car wash.

Good For You Car Wash started their second annual “Haunted Car Wash” on Oct. 5 and will continue to occur every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday through Oct. 31 and prices ranged from $6 to $20. Foam and lights also increased along with the prices.

Although the hours run from seven to nine p.m., the heavy traffic can make it last until 11 p.m. I am not a fan of scary things in general, however I was dragged along with friends to join a moment of jumpiness and laugh ter. And I must say, I do not regret it. Not one bit.

The hour wait was not felt. To get in the spirit, we jammed to Halloween songs. As time slipped by, we approached closer to the parking lot. Here, workers dressed in costumes dedicated their time to scare people. To add to the suspense, the most jocular part was when they moved the car. If they found a way, workers would shake the car in order to create fear and attempt to get inside unlocked cars and scratch windows with their fingers. I tend to giggle when I am nervous, so the majority of the time I was laughing.

The creepiest thing of all was when a man came out with a chainsaw. When I first heard the noise, I originally thought it was a motorcycle speeding by. By this time, the adrenaline had kicked in and the excitement increased as I prepared myself to enter the car wash. Easily, the best part of the haunted car wash was the ghoulish people inside the car wash. The eerie choice of colors was exemplified through flashes in the fog-filled compact area. I could feel my heart beat faster as I expected someone or something to pop out and get me.

As we slowly approached, a spooky, ghastly old lady used the pulley to pull the door open, and there stood a smiling clown. The scene at the time was not eventful but looking back I can only think of how well put and planned the production was. The workers were not actors, yet this business did better than most haunted houses.