The Greatest Showman Review

The past couple of weeks it seems that everyone can’t stop singing songs from the new musical; “The Greatest Showman.” The new movie stars celebrities such as Hugh Jackman, Zac Efron and Zendaya. The Greatest Showman deserves all the recognition it has received, the show is cinematic beauty.

The Greatest Showman raised movie expectations that changed the game and inspire a generation full of children and adults.

The Greatest Showman cast is perfect for this movie, they have many household names along with people who are just breaking through. The dynamic between all the actors makes this musical so powerful and enjoyable. There are more well-known actors like Hugh Jackman and Zac Efron to some that are breaking through like Keala Settle, who is known for her role in Waitress the Musical on Broadway. The Greatest Showman combined the Broadway world and the film industry to form the musical of the decade.

The movie is inspired by the Barnum and Bailey circus. P.T. Barnum created a show that embraces the outcasts of society without a nickel or dime to his name. He put people on stage like the bearded lady or the worlds heaviest man. He formed a home for the rejected people of the community. P.T. Barnum was known to bring people to a place that would allow them to be taken away from reality. People started to call the circus a freak show and harassed the acts for being themselves. Because of all the violence caused from the circus, Barnum became obsessed with people’s opinion and being accepted, which makes him lose sight of what really matters; his family.

This musical is nothing like anything else in the box office today, it expresses the importance of equality. There are multiple songs on the soundtrack that cry for the acceptance of their differences, making it so critical. P.T. Barnum, who is portrayed by Hugh Jackman, creates a show that shines a light on people’s differences. Most films these days they show the skinniest and the most perfect looking people to play parts to show everyone who is different with qualities that may not seem beautiful, but throughout the movie you learn along with the characters. The most important thing in life is to embrace your differences.

Music is the base of The Greatest Showman. The writers, Benj Pasek and Justin Paul just recently won a Golden Globe for Best Original Song. Pasek and Paul also wrote the hit musical, Dear Evan Hansen that shaped a generation with their music that raises awareness for suicide, the show won 6 Tony Awards this past year including Best Score and Best Musical. The Greatest Showman score have those rare musical tunes that anyone can enjoy.

Although many people don’t like musicals or certain actors. Throughout the show, it can have boring patches and your mind can start to wonder off. Sometimes, the beginning of the songs is hard to get through as well and they seem to all sound the same. But, the message that the movie expresses the important things that everyone should hear.

The Greatest Showman deserves all the good reviews and attention that it has received and more. The movie is going to shape the world of musical theater and the film industry all in one. The Greatest Showman is revolutionary and extraordinary.