Walk With a Purpose

Everyone has a place to go between classes with limited time to get there. Students face the stress of people walking slowly in the halls every day. have to dodge, cut around and sometimes have to speak up and say excuse me. Students should move with a purpose.

It is not only one of our mottos here at Klein Oak, but it is something that is very useful in the real world. Teens are known to socialize. They use their time in between classes to see their buddies or hold hands with their girlfriend. Spending time with the people you love is important, so find a better place to share it, that’s not in the middle of the hallway. It can be the highlight of students’ day and it is the absolute worst when we get split up because a group is taking up the middle section of the hallway.

People have places to be and things to do, with no time to waste.  But, sometimes that is the only time students get to visit with their friends. The person next to you could have a completely different schedule than you. So, finding the perfect spot where both run into each other for a split second is like finding a needle in a haystack.

Quite often people can’t help it when they are walking slow, we share one building with 4 thousand students trying to make it to their class on time, causing major traffic jams you can’t control. But if you walk as though you are considerate of your classmates the may improve all the hallway clusters.

Walking in between classes in like a battle field and a race against time. Everyone has a certain route ending with a destination. Walking with a purpose is always something to keep in mind the next time you walk in the hallway, you aren’t the only one sharing the same grounds.