Due Tomorrow, Do Tomorrow

As the school year begins, students are already starting to procrastinate on their assignments. According to the American Psychological Association, 87 percent of high school students in America are already holding off doing their homework until the very last minute.

There are many reasons why teens procrastinate so much with their assignments for school. Most of the kids don’t understand the assignments and instead of figuring it out by themselves, they put off their work because they don’t see how it benefits them. In addition, most kids are involved with after school activities making them put aside their school work to focus on more entertaining activities such as Youtube, TV and computers etc. Also, teens have not learned good time management skills when it comes to prioritizing school work.

Per Alice Boyes Ph.D from Psychology Today states, students are more likely to have reduced stress when they do not procrastinate. Anxiety levels rise as time runs out trying to complete assignments and projects. By planning ahead, it gives students more time to anticipant road blocks and find solutions.

According to MindTools.com, there are many solutions to beating procrastination. First, recognize when procrastinating is occurring. Then, understand why it is happening, as it could be as simple as not being in the right mood to complete the assignment. Prioritize a to-do list is key. Finally, come up with strategies to help move along the process to finishing the project, such as tackling small tasks first and larger task last.

As we have learned, procrastination habits can be harmful in every circumstance but there are many solutions to help kick this bad habit. Focus on these tips and success will follow.