The Promposal Problem

Prom, the most magical night of senior year, one that is planned to be remembered forever. One that is planned to every last tiny detail. Promposals made their way to the top of the list of essential prom statement pieces. Each one promposal to be tailored to each individual with creativity and originality.

Extravagant promposals are an unnecessary cost that causes too much stress and pressure on the subject planning the event, and also diverts focus away from the actual night.

According to Huffington Post, the average promposal costs $324. The average amount spent on prom is roughly $1000, but can reach as high as $2000. These expenses include into tickets, tux rentals, dresses, hair, makeup, shoes, jewelry, under garments necessary for the dress, alterations on the tux and dress, dinner, quality pictures, limo, the after prom school-sponsored event, the after prom getaway to the beach, and any upgrades to designer quality gowns and tuxedoes. There is no need for the additional cost of several hundred dollars for a promposal.

Brain storming, Google-ing, Pintresting, crafting, planning, and adding zest of creativity all take a lot of time that essentially receives a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answer. There will always be mild anxiety asking for a date, but the stress of asking should not start so soon in the brainstorming stage. Teenagers need that time for homework, and extra-curricular activities and sleep. Putting the responsibility of asking on someone simply requires too much of them. The point of prom is to enjoy the people that one has spent four years around, not sucking the fun out by forcing that task on someone.

The curiosity of prom will always exist. Is it similar the movies, where everyone shows up looking beautiful, like Cinderella? Now, why would anyone want to draw attention away from their Cinderella moment? These promposals focus away from the excitement of the actual prom event. Seeing all of the couples paired up and the groups happy is more intriguing if it is not revealed before-hand. Publicized promposals stir up drama by adding to the competition for the best ask from the best person, rather than planning for an amazing evening with friends.

Promposals are a thoughtful way to show your appreciation towards the person of shared affection. The person being asked to prom should feel special and happy to go, however hundreds of dollars spent on the ask is a materialistic view on how feeling special. The two people should be eager to go together, thus making the night special, not the money behind the ask.

No one needs to sacrifice the excitement of asking someone to prom, but the gesture should be scaled way down. Plan for a budget of what is necessary, and plan the idea around what is affordable. For those in long-standing relationships, simply agreeing to go together would be the best idea, and save the element of surprise for the actual night, for example, picking up that significant other in a limo when they were expecting a car or taking them to a nicer restaurant.

The idea of promposing is adorable and creative, but the reality can be unattainable and expensive. Prom is supposed to be the highlight of the high school career, and all of that energy should be focused into making that night happen. If two people are meant to go together, they don’t need to validate their date with a large ask, rather they can focus on aspiring for the perfect night.