Family vs Franchise

More and more chain restaurants and businesses are opening up all around the Spring area. It’s no doubt that they’ll each be successful, but what will that do to all the other small businesses in the area? It is said by that independently owned businesses and restaurants have a 90% failure rate.

To say that 90% of businesses are bound to fail is merely a myth. Every business starts somewhere and consumers often prefer the more independently-based ones.

Being independently owned adds a more comforting feel in many aspects, not only for the customers, but for the employees as well. Franchises put a wall in-between hospitality and business. There’s no face-to-face interaction with the creator and the consumer. Given that they are on a relatively small scale, there’s a distinct advantage of full ownership attention.

Being family owned, all profits go simply to the owner and associates. There are building costs and appliance expenses, but the store profits don’t go to other facility’s. Profits don’t go to sponsors, or other beneficiaries. It feels more secure in a sense.

In addition, the independent businesses have a personalized touch. The owner chooses the cultural feel, the vibe, what goes and what stays. Having such flexibility ends happier for both the associates and the consumers. An owner can create a restraint based on the environment around them.

People say the start-up of a business is the most difficult part and that the salary starts at a theoretical $0. If someone puts all they have into a business, they can only hope it’s successful. To say that salary starts at a theoretical $0, is only true if you plan poorly. Business requires risks. Chances are taken and mistakes are made. The owner learns from them. It sounds cliché, but that is what owning a business is.

Starting an independently owned business and adding another branch to a large chain is completely different. It’s why people are so hesitant about it. Owners just need to prepare rather than putting all their eggs in one basket, step back and look at it. Cause after all of it, that owner will be living their dream while the managers in a chain business will be having fun taking orders over email from their corporate office.

Independent businesses have proven to be successful around the globe. It’s worked for many people and that success shines through the general vibe and theme a business owner gives off. People prefer to go to a much more homey and personal feeling environment rather than something like a McDonalds, which continues to be proven around America.