Snapchat, Don’t Text Back

These days, teenager’s social lives are centered around technology and social media. Snapchat, a well-known platform, has become a big part of people’s social lives, but does it need to be? Individuals have started to communicate over snapchat in all ways possible because of its easy access, but why use snapchat when texting, calling, or video chatting has had apps since the beginning of the iPhone.

Communication through snapchat is uncalled for and is a waste of time and space when there are perfectly good apps already made for specific types of communication.

Teens, and even adults, have started communicating through snapchat because of pure laziness instead of using the already downloaded apps for things like texting and video chatting because it’s at easy access within the app. We’ve been using the messages and facetime apps since the first smart phone, but with the current uprising of snapchat, the amount of people using those apps has decreased because of their desire to do most or all communication over snapchat. They say that since the app offers texting, video chatting, and sending pictures and videos back and forth with your friends on just one platform, but why use anything else when it’s all right there?

Snapchat was not solely made to use for all communication, so it’s not as easy to use for calling or video chatting as the other apps. Every time one gets a message, they have to save it or else they will not know what the other said and therefore not know how to respond. To actually video chat with a friend, one has to have the app opened and on the messaging page to even see they are getting video chatted, if not on the page with the app opened they will not know they are being called. Snapchat was made for sending pictures to friends, they have added different ways of communication, but they aren’t fully functional and easy to use.

Although snapchat is a popular app and a great platform for communication, using it for all communication possible is uncalled for considering the apps already presented for those purposes.

Instead of using snapchat for all communication possible, why don’t people just use the apps already programmed into our phones, the apps made specifically for their form of communication.