Klein Oak Memes


Memes posted by “kleinoakmemes” on Instagram

Art. Comedy. The epitome of social media. There is no exact definition, but memes are still widely recognized as one of the biggest influences on the internet that carries over to reality. People find them all over social media platforms, but thousands of accounts have been dedicated for original or shared content.

Memes come in mediums such as images, gifs, and videos and convey the creator’s opinions. They share a wide spectrum of tones, from being humorous to sarcastic and reflect upon a variety of topics and experiences.

A popular meme page under the Instagram handle “kleinoakmemes” started over three weeks ago and already exploded with 607 followers and counting. The anonymous student creator behind the meme page produces Oak-related content that students and faculty alike can enjoy.

“I want to unite the people of Oak with my memes” kleinoakmemes” the administrator said. “I usually make my memes in Photoshop or an app in my phone. I just love making people laugh and I’m just good at it,”

The page has caught the attention of not only students but of Associate Principal Eric Lammers and Principal Thomas Hensley. The account was even featured in a KOTV segment they produced. Instead of taking action against the page, they share a good laugh, too.

“I can laugh at myself. So long as it’s not a huge distraction or inappropriate, I’m not that worried about the page,” Lammers said. “The meme I probably laughed the hardest with is the one with boyfriend looking at another girl. It’s like the guy is ‘KO students’, girlfriend is ‘KOTV’ and the other girl is ‘literally anything else’.”

The page is expected to see more steady growth as more and more students follow the page. Submissions are also open for anyone to send an original meme with due credit, adding more popularity to the account with people able to share their ideas and content.

“I love how we have a hilarious meme page just for Oak and they take submissions from other students too,” Freshman Sebastian Allemore said. “Anybody can enjoy a good meme page. It’s a distraction from school stress.”