New Year

Grocery stores pile the produce section with greens and other veggies as health-conscious people flock there to stock their kitchens. All of them sear for a snack that follows their diet. Everyone seems determined to make this year the best one yet.
One of the most popular New Years resolutions is to adopt healthy eating habits. People go about this in different ways. Many people start diets in the new year to prepare for summer and strive to lose weight or get toned.
“I’m trying to get ready for summer and going to the beach feeling my best.” sophomore Savannah Buus said.
Some people go on a low carb high-fat diet known as the keto diet and others stick to a strict plan. It depends on the results they want and how much effort they are willing to put into the diet.
“I’m sort of doing a modified version of the Keto diet, trying to eat mostly meat, vegetables, and a small amount of dairy products.” sophomore Christina Hartmann said.
Others take dieting to the extreme by doing the Arbonne 28 day clean eating challenge. It’s an intense diet full of protein shakes and juices. It is difficult to stick with it but this diet is very effective.
“I’ve felt much more energized and healthier in general. It’s been tough but the results are worth it.” junior Gabby Linden said.
Going on a diet has only done well for these teens. They love how good they feel taking on the New Year.
“I feel like going on a diet for the new year has helped start off 2019 with a positive change.” Buus said.