Clubs Added This Year

          New organizations founded by students have made their debuts this year, including Baking Club, Model UN and Adventure Club.

          “I think it’s great that people are making new clubs because they get to express new ideas and new opinions and make more people understand and accept them,” senior Jeremiah Williams said. “People see new interests because they’re in new clubs. They also give opportunities for people who make the clubs to become leaders.”

Baking Club

          Member get to learn about culinary safety and baking from scratch in socials held after school in room 152 on the first Monday of every month except November in preparation for Homecoming Carnival. In addition to baking fudge brownies, cookies, and other goods at socials and competitive events, members may also have opportunities to earn volunteer hours. Baking Club founder and president, senior Falak Farhan, ran a successful first meeting on Sept. 13 with an immense turnout of 107 signups.

          “There’s a lot of people in school that like baking but don’t have ingredients at home or have the permission, so we’re making that easier for them,” Farhan said. “It’s an easier way to meet a lot of people who are into the same things as you when everyone comes together in a club. I want people to learn things they didn’t know before in baking and make friends.”

Model UN

         Model UN is an organization simulating the United Nations General Assembly introducing diplomacy and negotions to students representing different nations and councils. In competition, members pick their committees and countries ahead of time and debate as delegates on various important issues. Model UN students most often attend and compete in conferences for Houston Area Model United Nations (HAMUN) at the University of Houston. Model UN founder, junior Theiija Balasubramanian, along with co-founders, juniors Noor Iqbal and Armin Momin, initiated the club. They hope to host more socials, organize a booth for upcoming carnivals and become more active in competitions.

         “We go to HAMUN, which is the Houston area Model UN,” secretary Iqbal said. “I’m hoping that it [Model UN] will really take off, that we’re going to do well and be able to defend this, and that we become a more tight-knit group.”

Adventure Club

          The Adventure Club is another new organization that emphasizes appreciation for the outdoors and gives back to the community. The club meets every second Wednesday of the month in Rm. 220 for meetings, community service opportunities and outdoor activities outside of school as well. Adventure Club founder and president, senior T’shai Christopher, was inspired after attending a young women’s leadership conference over the summer and wanted to create an organization that encourages them to be active outdoors with an intent for students to balance blue light with sunlight.

          “It’s a club that gets kids less dependent on technology and more involved in community service and the environment,” Christopher said. “I know that in my school community I can reach out to people here. It’s just the idea of starting a club to get people to really understand my passion.”