New Tablets Roll In


After many years with the same computers, students started the 2018-2019 school year with new tablets. Laptops last school year were aged, too large, and the cases were excessively used. This year, they are current, almost weightless, and come with fresh cases.

 “I love how the laptop is black because black goes with everything,” senior Reem Majeed said. “It also gives the tablets a modern look.”

The look of the LIFEBOOK tablet is clean and the top of it has a smooth surface. When opened, the computer features a touch-screen and has a stylus. The laptop is also smaller in size compared to last school year’s.

“I like how much thinner these tablets are now,” junior Carlos Rodriguez said. “They are more weightless.”

These tablets will be lighter to take in and out of the laptop cases which will then save time for students to pack up for their next class or get ready to start class.

 “The tablet cases this year look good,” Majeed said. “They look like they could protect a laptop if they fall.”

The tablet cases are in great condition because they have no tears or stains on them. The computer protectors have been supplied by InfoCase, a corporation that specializes in protective solutions for mobile appliances. Inside of the case is a hard cushion that is sure to keep a computer from tossing and turning when a student is walking with it. Also, the laptop runs smoothly, not taking much time to complete actions.

“Although the laptop speed is pretty fast this year,” Lewis said.