Young Sheldon Cast Presents Grant


          Cast members from CB’S television show Young Sheldon partnered with the Chuck Lorre Family Foundation to present a grant for the STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) programs for schools in California and Texas. A total of 45 thousand dollars was donated to Oak for the educational proposes in that field.

           The foundation reached out to Oak as well as four surrounding Klein Schools to see if there were any interests with applying for this grant. Assistant Principal Frances Ditta organized a group of teachers on our campus to form and write a proposal knowing it would be substantially supportive for Oak. The team was notified on March 28, with a response due by April 11.

          “Myself, Albert Kisangi who is the science specialist, Marci Williams who is the math specialists were on the team,” Department Chair of the Career and Technical Education, Mrs. Julianne Ash said.

          According to Mrs. Ash, Robotics coach Mark Roberts also had a significant role with the writing process by already having the experience of proposing one and having the knowledge to provide advice.

          “We shared with them how we were going to use the money, the time frame we were going to use the money in, and a little bit about why it would be impactful to our community,” Mrs. Ash said. “I was pleased with our response for the time we had.”

          The grant our school received is a three-year comment of $15 thousand per year, adding up to a total of $44 thousand. This money can be spent by the teachers in that realm for anything needed to expand student’s education.

          “It’s going straight for the STEM,” Mrs. Ditta said. “They will decide with what they’re going to do. There is a plan for each of the years. The first roll out was to buy some probes for them. They are also purchasing some Lego robotics kits. It’s a cross’ curricular thing, everybody will be able to use everything.”

          Students who are a part of the STEM classes and programs were invited to attend the presentation of the grant as they prepare to expand their education hands’ on with the new equipment.

          “It was a pretty good experience and  it is such a great opportunity for our school and I’m excited to see what the money will be used for,” senior Bryce Walker said.

          KISD supports the grant because it will generate active learning.

           “The reality is that we can’t do that alone and it takes a lot of partners to make this happen and were so honored that the Chuck Lori Foundation is recognizing the STEM programs,” KISD Superintendent Dr.Bret Champion said.