AP Test Prep

As the year is ending, AP tests are starting on May 8th, and students are using different tactics to help them excel on their exams.

Students are using online websites, flashcards, textbook, and study group in hopes that they will receive a five on their test. A few teens are taking their first AP test and trying many ways to remember all that they have learned throughout the year.

“I’m mostly using websites like Quizlet and GetFive.com to study for my test this upcoming month,” junior, Ashley Ryland said. “This is my first time taking an AP test and I am nervous, but I know if I use these recourses well enough that I will be prepared.”

The internet is easy access to anyone where and students are taking advantage of it. A few U.S. History teens have created a word document where people provide information daily for them to study the right materials. Study groups have already sprung into action, teens are helping teens become successful.

“I’m apart of a study group for each of my courses and we provide information to our conjoined google document, it’s really nice to have people to help you memorize all this information,” junior, Alexis Brady said. “Some people know things better than you do and you can learn from them, we feed off each other and its helped me stay calm throughout this process.”

Some students are using the old school route and relying on flashcards and textbooks. There are many AP study books out in libraries and book stores. AP Reviews for Dummies, Barron’s and The Princeton Review textbooks have sections for multiple choice questions and answers with explanation. Teachers are giving out reviews to the students to help them steer in the right direction. The study guides are being used to plan out how they are going to study for the exams coming next month.

“I’m using notes from my teacher and textbooks to prepare me for this year’s exams,” senior, Jaina Lowery said. “I did the same thing to study for my last year’s test and I was pretty satisfied with my results.”